Apple iPhone 5 Will Be Released On August 7 (Rumor)

Complate Specification Selasa, 17 Juli 2012
According to Macotakara report, Apple iPhone 5 will be launched early next month on August 7, 2012. The rumor is quite different from other previous rumors which said that Apple will release its next flagship smartphone sometime in September or October. It is also claimed that the new iPhone is being produced at this time.

Macotakara has quite good reputation about rumors related to Apple. Back to January when that site reported that Apple iPad 2 was being produced. Then iPad 3 was released in March.
The site also claims that the back of the phone will use glass and aluminum. It’s different from previous rumors which said that the back of new iPhone will use full aluminum material.
The pre-order of iPhone 5 has been started at Taobao, a retailer site from China, although it only uses mock-up image and estimated features that will come on iPhone 5. Most retailers allow you to pay down $160 to order an iPhone 5.
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