Apple iPhone 3GS is able to use some of iOS 6 Features

Complate Specification Rabu, 18 Juli 2012
Last month we had reported some of the features of the IOS-6 is not given in a certain Apple device. The result, many of the features in IOS 6 are not given in the iPhone 3G handset even though it was three years old can still use it, where the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 is also not able to enjoy some advantages in IOS 6.

But with the release of IOS 6 beta 3 to developers yesterday, Apple has improved support for features in the iPhone 3G, with added support for shared features of Photo Streams and VIP mail filtering. These changes are known by some 3G users, and Apple has also confirmed the lifting of restrictions on the feature in IOS 6 preview page.

The fact is providing support to the iPhone 3G IOS-6 alone is a significant step given by Apple, because it only meets the minimum requirements for IOS was released 5 years ago. And Apple seems to think with the support given to 6 IOS devices that have been aged three years, then it must also be given new features as much of IOS 6.
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