ASUS Release Laptop 14 inch “Slimbook X401U”

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ASUS Release Laptop 14 inch “Slimbook X401U”
Some time ago, ASUS has just launched a new laptop, which they call the Slimbook X401U.ASUS offers a fairly cheap price for this laptop. Slimbook x4010 is designed with 14-inch screen, and sold for 3 million dollars, less expensive when compared to other laptop, which has a screen size of 10 or 11 inches. Although the price of this laptop is quite cheap, Slimbook x4010 can be used to play games, even though the weight game. This is because the laptop has the X4010 integrated graphics from VGA Radeon HD 6290.
One game can be played smoothly in this notebook is the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Other heavy games, are still able to run this laptop, but with a lower level of resolution. Slimbook X4010 has a thinner size, when compared with other types of laptops. Weighing just 1.3 kg, this laptop can be fairly lightweight, and comfortable if you carry anywhere.
Slimbook X4010 laptop processors are designed using Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) AMD dual-core C-60, which has a frequency of 1.3 GHz, and the performance is strong enough to play the game. AMD wanted to give a fairly lucrative, for an AMD processor notebook, with all its features are given.
The reason why this laptop is designed to support the game play is, for many ASUS customer who asks, whether the notebook they can use to play games? With a maximum graphic specifications, Slimbook X4010 can ensure the smooth running of game play. You do not have to worry about the temperature high enough while playing the game, because ASUS has designed this laptop with Ice Cool technology, which maximizes heat dissipation.
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